I believe most people have a thing in their truest nature that they are always compelled to pursue. A little place in our makeup that won’t be denied. For some this place becomes our occupation, for others, a place to visit on evenings and weekends. These passions can be pushed in the background but they never go away. I believe it’s here where we find our truest selves. When we touch this place, when we can tap into this bliss, we are the closest we can be to spiritual awareness because we are where we are supposed to be in our hearts and minds.

So, it’s from this place that I have found my love of pipe making. Although not by occupation, I’ve been in an artist in my heart my whole life. Through the years I looked into in several mediums but nothing really ever stuck. It's when I wasn't looking, that a practical solution came to be in the form of pipe making. 

I studied traditional tobacco pipe making from every online source I could find. And I found a lot of incredibly talented artisans who make pipes in the same traditions that have been used for generations. I use the same high-quality materials and follow all the time-tested techniques. However, as you will note, my pipes have some slight design modifications to accommodate today's contemporary smoker. See details in the “About the Pipes” section.

On a personal note, I am married with 5 wonderful kids all grown and on their own adventures. I served in the Army for 12 years and was deployed to Mosul while my oldest son was serving his second tour in Baghdad. I've since retired after serving 30 years in state and local government. But now, I'm just me, an artisan pipe-maker, and it's good to finally be home. 

Thanks for visiting my site, 

JD Allred