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Welcome to JD Allred Pipes

I’m JD Allred and I'm a contemporary pipe maker. I started making pipes in 2016 because I wanted another smoking pipe option that wasn't fragile like glass and was easy to clean. 


I knew I wanted to work with wood, people have been smoking from fine wood pipes for generations. Not only can wood pipes be quite beautiful, they also hold heat more efficiently than glass or metal and provide for a cooler, better tasting smoke.

My first designs looked a lot like the glass spoon pipes but I soon learned the design would easily clog. It occurred to me that the glass pipes didn't clog as often because they were hollow and the resin had a place to collect. That's when I started changing my designs to always include an interior cooling chamber. The chamber not only keeps the smoke cooler and dryer, it also provides a place for the resin to collect so the airways stay open. Easy access to the chamber makes for easy cleaning. 

I design my pipes to embrace the beauty and functionality of traditional wood pipes, using all the same methods and materials, but I make them for today’s contemporary smoker. It’s my hope to provide another option for those who enjoy smoking and would like a high quality artisan pipe that will last a lifetime. 

Available Pipes

This is where I will post available pipes and some of the more recent pipes sold.